What Fragrantica Writers Wore This Summer (2019) 


by Violetta Mayevska

My summer in Eastern Europe has been full of travels and events and sticking to particular perfumes was problematic, for every occasion I tried to pick the most suitable scent. But some of my bottles would either follow me on my trips or I'd use them more than others being home. 

The most impressive and unexpected (and so one of the most worn) summer discovery was a perfume from an Italian indie brand Profumi Fluviali. I never liked marine fragrances, avoided them all my life and never had salty aquatics in my collection, many times I tried to learn to love these type of scents, especially because lately salty fragrances have become a trend in niche perfumery, but they would always bring me discomfort or even physical disgust.

But Laria Profumi Fluviali is something else! It's the fragrance I will never stop praising, the only release of this Italian brand. It was suggested to me by a friend, and even if I didn't expect anything extraordinary, I gave it a try - and couldn't believe what I felt!

It is not the basic, artificial, scratchy aquatic, and isn't the mineral smell or saltiness that makes me nauseous.

It's something else, something really amazing like a warm wind from the sea, mixed with the scent of shore herbs and smell of salt water in a light breeze that meets you far before you see the waves. Right - sweet, dried in the scorching sun wild herbs, and bitter, iodine marine water - that's how Laria smells.

It's so natural, so atmospheric and vivid, it just makes you want to close your eyes, forget everything and feel yourself there, in the summertime dreams, meditative unity with the sea, with the elements. The sea that is always with you.

It was with me, even if I didn't manage to have a normal seaside vacation and wade in the waves, this tiny bottle was perfect for bringing everywhere around. It opened a door for me to the world of aquatic fragrances, even if I'm not sure the miracle will happen again.


mark simmonds